Bellhops Growing in the Triangle Area
Sherman says he received an email a couple days before the move with the Bellhops’ names, photos and college majors.
With Student Workforce, Bellhops Offers Alternative For Smaller Moving jobs
Foley estimated she’s saving at least $3,000 by using Bellhops over a traditional moving company.
Bellhops Seeks A Few Good Buffs in Boulder
"The company is exploding. We're just trying to keep up."
Need Help Moving? Service Pairs College Students With Customers
"Pick and choose, it's a like a salad bar for moving. You pick what you want, we got a few movers for a few hours. That's all we really needed."
App-Based Moving Service Expanding Its Workforce
Within minutes, two men wearing green and white Bellhops T-shirts arrived, greeted the Barrons, surveyed the items and went to work.
The Daily Startup: Bellhops Picks Up $13.5 Million for Moving Services
Bellhops Inc. has raised $13.5 million in Series B funding for its on-demand moving services.
Bellhops Makes The 25 Best Large-Company Cultures in 2015
It provides a productive, engaged work environment that exceeds expectations and gets results.
Bellhops App Seeks To Perfect The Do-It-Yourself Moving Experience
“That's what I like most about it, is the freedom over your schedule.”
After Using A Startup Called Bellhops, I'm Never Going Back To Traditional Movers
"It was such a pleasure to sit back and let Bellhops take care of everything."
What Millennials Can Teach Boomers About Start-up Success
Bellhops is trying to be the next Bellhops — establishing their own business model and standards for customer service and success.